“Challenge yourself with something you think you can never do, and you’ll find you can overcome anything”. – Anon

From the first moment I read these words, they have resonated with me on a profound level ever since. Not only because they implicate that to believe in the power of your dreams is the first step to achieving greatness but also it hits home that the only real obstacle standing in the way of who you are now and who you can become is, well… you.

Isn’t it so wondrously funny how a bunch of letters and words strung together in a congruent order can provoke such emotion as to potentially affect the world over? Words are powerful; they hold the ability to impact, influence and instigate change – don’t let anyone tell you they can’t.

With that being said, it has taken me the best part of my adult years  to muster up the courage to start this blog (using the term ‘adult’ very loosely here). Up until now, my writing has very much been for myself and a few close family members to whom I can share my innermost thoughts and feelings with no reservations or inhibitions.

Being the introverted soul that I am, I find that it is both a blessing and a curse to bear such a personality. I tend to shy away from speaking in social situations or large groups – that’s not to say I won’t if the situation calls for it. Never the loud or boisterous one, I would much rather prefer to be the silent observer; closely examining others, deeming who is even worth talking to at all.  It’s all quite paradoxical considering the fact that I’m a Leo  – we usually are the ones that crave admiration and attention but I much rather lust for an authentic interaction over idle small-talk any day.

In the end, it’s all worked out just fine as I’ve always felt I can better articulate my thoughts and ideas through my writing than I ever have done through verbal communication. After all, it doesn’t involve a dozen faces staring at me; silently judging me based on the intonated noise coming out of my mouth.

Seeing as you’ve read this far, it’s only fair that I introduce myself…

Hello, my name is Sairah and you’ve joined me at that tricky, transitional period in my life where I’ve wistfully come to terms with the fact that I’m not getting any younger and I most definitely need to get my shit together (excuse my french) – call it a quarter-life crisis, if you will. Having said that, it is a rather exciting yet terrifying time where nothing is certain and there is everything to play for, so do stick around (I promise it’ll be a blast).

After graduating with an MA in Journalism about 8 months ago, I decided that I wanted to take a completely different career path (as you do) and so reignited my passion for fashion designing. And so as to not completely neglect my love for writing, I thought what better way to combine my two passions than blogging my journey of setting up my own clothing line/online boutique.

In an era where I need to make shit happen but, quite frankly, all I want to do is chill, this is where I will be documenting my trials, tribulations and (hopefully) triumphs. Where I hope to inspire, motivate, encourage and empower other women to follow suit. This is for the wild-hearted, self-affirming, creative geniuses. The budding entrepreneurs who, like me, want to harness their talent and build an empire but have absolutely no clue on how or where to start.

Of course, it won’t all be about my process of setting up a business. I also intend to share with you, my somewhat humorous thoughts, noteworthy anecdotes and pearls of inspirational wisdom that I have managed to collate in my 25 years of living in this wonderful and oftentimes weird world.

In a society that is constantly setting limitations on our capabilities and telling us how to think and behave, having the courage to realise our potential and acting upon it is a wonderfully rebellious act – one that unfortunately isn’t embraced by enough of us. So, here’s to those of us who want it all and refuse to settle for anything less; giving ourselves permission to unapologetically, uninhibitedly be whoever the hell we want to be!

It took me a long time to get here but as they say better late than never, so please do go easy on me and if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read thus far, feel free to subscribe to my blogs via email, below.

Peace, love and blessings, always




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