He Was The Moon

He was the Moon:

Mysterious; captivatingly charming; with a dark side.

She was the Earth:

Nurturing; cultivating love; occasionally consumed by uncontainable, self-sabotaging wrath.

In a universe of spiralling, wandering souls, he gravitated towards her. And her alone.

His love stirred tides of emotion in her that no one else was ever capable of doing – and quite possibly will ever be.

Wave by wave, drawing her towards him.

There were moments where he would shine in all his effortless brilliance, illuminating even her darkest hour with his presence alone.

Making her believe that everything she ever wanted; needed, she could find in him.

There were other moments; sporadic yet too often, where he would send her entire world into an Eclipse.

Draining her of her light; her energy, like a giant, black hole blocking the rays of joy, love and hope that are usually so intrinsic to her nature.

Although his love for her was unquestionable – in the same certitude that the Moon revolves around the Earth.

It seemed that whenever he came too close he would damage her in the process – causing her to become submerged in sorrow; devastated.

In a matter of such conundrum and incalculability, two things were for certain: that he loved her in the only way he knew how to love; and that it wasn’t the kind of love she desired nor required.

And so, now the Moon merely admires the Earth’s alluring beauty from a distance, allowing her to become stable once again.

And while she regains her delicate balance of equilibrium, he remains whispering gentle reminders to her that she needn’t look far in times of need; whatever the hour, whatever that need may be.

Two celestial beings, coming to terms with their place in the universe.

Tragic; yet another love, lost in light years and leap days, in a place somewhere between time and space.


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